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Yamaha Custom GP Series French Horn Mouthpieces

Designer: Yamaha


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Yamaha Custom GP Series French Horn Mouthpieces.

Yamaha manufactures a beautiful one-piece French Horn Mouthpiece with a gold plated rim and interior, while the cup and shank are silver plated. 3 models are available.

Yamaha mouthpieces are a product of the inspiration of some of the world's finest musicians and state-of the-art computer controlled manufacturing techniques. They are available in a wide selection of sizes and shapes to satisfy your unique individual needs.

 Model Nr. Rim Inner Diameter (mm) Throat
HR-30-GP 17.08 4.40 Smaller inner rim diameter than the 31. All-around type. Shallow “U” cup facilitates high notes, while a deep “V” makes low notes easy.
HR-31-GP 17.28 4.40 Medium rim configuration provides flexibility for difficult passages. Relatively large throat delivers a heavy, somewhat dark tone with extra volume.
HR-32-GP 17.48 4.40 Larger inner rim diameter than the 31. Authoritative low notes. Large cup volume for a rich, mellow tone.


Made in Japan.

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