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Woodstop Handmade Mutes for French Horn

Designer: Woodstop


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Each Woodstop® mute is made from a single piece of 100% solid laminated  wood and is meticulously crafted by hand, by Kevin, who has years of woodworking experience. They are also custom fit to perfectly fit your bell for a seal that requires no fiddling. It takes many hours to create each mute, but the result is worth every minute of time.

The Woodstop® Stopping mute is an original mute, by Kevin Warren, that set a “new standard” in stop mutes according to many. It has that hand-stopped sound, yet projects and plays in tune from low to high, and has the flexibility to play on all sides of the horn (including the high F side). The Woodstop® mute was conceived from an idea that wood more appropriately mimics the sound of natural hand stopping, and was conceptualized by Karl Hill (Kortesmaki Horns).

Jarrah wood is an exotic hardwood native to the southern portion of Western Australia. It is a very hard and slightly heavier wood with a beautiful rich reddish-brown color and showy grain. This mute is gorgeous and I am now offering it because of a project I did for someone in a well-respected orchestra. Karl and I both found this mute extraordinarily stable, better intonation, strong, and extremely even up and down the registers. The sound still retains that Woodstop character to it, albeit with a little more brilliance overall. This mute truly sings and takes less energy for production. Karl’s words... “You must offer this mute; it plays that well!”; so, here we are. It’s a bit more costly because of the wood price/hand selection process and extra machining, but I am willing to keep the cost down as usual so that you may enjoy it! The mute will also be a special order mute and will take up to two-three weeks on average to get to you. (currently unavailable will be available again soon)


The original straight mute in walnut wood that gives a very warm sound with no edginess. It responds very well, is very even with regard to sound quality from note to note, and is capable of playing the loudest of the three Woodstop straight mute models, yet very easy to play softly. This mute plays astonishingly freely. Playability is most similar to that of your open horn.

The original straight mute in maple wood that gives that traditional brighter muted sound. Response is very immediate and the sound is lighter and a little edgier.

The original straight mute in cherry wood that gives the traditional sound but with more warmth. Response is immediate, and overall, the mute blows more freely. Somewhere between the maple and walnut woods.

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