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The JoyKey

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The PROVEN, Intelligent Solution
for Brass Instruments...

Imagine being able to eliminate the centuries old problem and the associated stress caused by water building up in brass instruments from your playing experience.

The JoyKey®, a quality product made in Germany, is the PROVEN, Intelligent solution for effortlessly and effectively removing water automatically from brass instruments.

The JoyKey® system enhances accuracy and productivity. Practicing and performing are more rewarding, fun and enjoyable.

Drains Water Automatically

The heart of the JoyKey® is the high-tec WaterWick® replaceable metal filter.

Moisture in brass instruments gravitates to the lowest point possible. Here, the JoyKey® allows the water to continuously drain out of the instrument. This ensures that the inner taper remains constant by completely eliminating water build up in the targeted tubing section.

Most importantly, the WaterWick® maintains the integrity of the air column of the instrument. Replacement packs are available from your dealer.

Reduces Stress

Professionals are often judged solely by their accuracy levels. Higher accuracy levels afford amateurs greater pleasure and satisfaction.

The JoyKey® noticeably reduces the stress and potential for mistakes or even damage to the instrument associated with the player having to quickly remove water from the instrument.

The major benefit of the JoyKey® system on all brass instruments is the predictability and reliability of pitching notes resulting from the interior lead pipe taper remaining constant and WaterFree.

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