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The Hatch Practice Pipe

Designer: Wes Hatch


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Wes Hatch is now offering a practice pipe that can be used for hotels, warming up on the go, as well as anywhere else you cannot play the horn. It can also be used for regular practice sessions, producing better results than buzzing solely on the mouthpiece.    

- Made from solid nickel silver 

- This is the first 3 1/2 inches of my HG308N custom leadpipe

- Has an actual receiver and venturi to produce a truer feel and response 

- It is possible to buzz a chromatic scale to high C

- Two tone holes for resistance adjustment

- Comes with a carrying case 

"The Hatch Pipe is a valuable tool in the horn player's pursuit of a strong and flexible embouchure. Pop your mouthpiece in and buzz with all the holes covered; the player can identify and correct leaky, infirm corners. Wide open, it is a great tool for embouchure building. With multiple vents, you can add or subtract resistance to gradually add strength to your face. Buzz in the car on the way to work. Practice anywhere. This pipe is a diagnostic tool and it works great when you can't afford to let your chops get out of shape but you don't have your horn."

Bill Barnewitz
Former Principal Horn, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and Santa Fe Opera.
Former Horn Instructor at Northwestern University

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