T1 Trolly for ProTec Cases

Protec's lightweight 2-Section Trolley features a sturdy base that expands for bigger cases and adjusts to multiple heights.

Compatible with the following models:

  • CP115T - Student Percussion Kit Bag
  • CP116T - 6.5" Snare Bag
  • IP301D - IPAC Double Trumpet Case
  • IP301T - IPAC Triple Trumpet Case
  • IP301Q - IPAC Quad Trumpet Case
  • PB316SBDLX - French Horn Screw Bell Deluxe PRO PAC
  • PBTRIALT - TRI PAC Case for Alto Sax, Clarinet, & Flute
  • PB317 - Bassoon PRO PAC Case


  • Extended height: 43"
  • Extended Length: 12.38"
  • Weight capacity: 25 lbs.


$26.95 $30.00

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