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Stork Myers Series One Piece French Horn Mouthpiece

Designer: Stork Custom Mouthpieces


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Philip Myers

French Horn Mouthpiece by Stork Custom Mouthpieces

This unique model is based on a design taken from early Viennese style horn mouthpieces. The cup is a long funnel shape. This most unusual feature gives this mouthpiece great depth and warmth of sound while still allowing for tremendous efficiency throughout the ranges.

“The basic problem of finding a mouthpiece that both provides a ring to the sound in soft playing, yet does not break-up in extremely loud playing finds its solution here. This mouthpiece is virtually impossible to over blow and the sound is quite even throughout the ranges. This mouthpiece has no traditional bowl, but rather curves in instead down from the rim. This cup design, plus the slightly longer length of this mouthpiece, causes an M1 to feel like a conventional 4 or 5 bore and an M8 more like the conventional 12 bore. These mouthpieces simply do not take as much air to play as the same sized mouthpiece you are now using.” - P. Myers

Inner diameter

All Myers series rims have an inner diameter of .662″ or 16.81mm

Rim width

The rim width measures .117″ or 2.971 mm.

Rim Shape

This rim is very narrow. It is a reverse contour rim in that the high point is slightly toward the outside of the rim sloping inward with a soft bite.


Currently, the Stork Myers Mouthpieces are offered in 4 bore sizes:

1 (5.791mm), 4 (5.308), 6 (5.181mm), 8 (5.054mm)


Available in silver, gold plating, and silver cup with gold plated rim only. Plating is done by Stork Custom Mouthpieces in house.


Myers mouthpieces are offered with standard American or European shanks.

Made proudly in the USA from Vermont.


Not all options are in stock. We plan to have the most popular items available for immediate sale, however many options will be special ordered, therefore, please allow for 3-4 weeks delivery of those items. If you have any questions or concerns about inventory and need something quickly, please call or email us so that we may accommodate your request.

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