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Stork CWA Series 17.5mm One Piece French Horn Mouthpiece

Designer: Stork Custom Mouthpieces


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One Piece Stork Custom Horn Mouthpieces, CWA series wide rim (17.48mm ID - 24.59mm OD). We translate this to be about a 17.5mm equivalent size for those comparing to other rim diameters.

These Stork C series mouthpieces offered here have the CWA 17.5mm inner rim diameter and are available in 3 cup shapes and three plating options. (silver is standard, gold plate, and gold plate rim only)

C (Deep), CM (Medium Deep), and CS (Shallow).

Deep cups are available in bore sizes: 1,4,6,8,10,12

Medium Deep cups are available in bore sizes: 8,10,12,14,15,18

Shallow Cups are available in bore sizes: 10,12,14,15,18

The C Series line offers two different rim choices. Standard Rim Width= .132″ ( 3.352 mm)  The standard rim features a ‘reverse angle’ contour. This means that the high point of the rim is past the center point of the rim and gradually slopes downward towards the bite. This is the opposite of most rim contours. 

The second rim option is a Wide Rim with a Width = (1.55″ (3.937 mm) The wide rim has the same radius on the inside bite as the standard rim. The high point is simply extended out to add more contact area.

Mouthpieces offered on this product page all feature the Wide CWA Series rim.

If you would prefer the standard rim size in the CA series, please click here.

Made proudly in the USA from Vermont.

Not all options are in stock. We plan to have the most popular items available for immediate sale, however many options will be special ordered, therefore, please allow for 3-4 weeks delivery of those items. If you have any questions or concerns about inventory and need something quickly, please call or email us so that we may accommodate your request.

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