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Siegfried's Call Custom Model SC2 Conn 10D

Siegfried's Call had developed the model SC2 double horn based on the original modifications that were made 17 years ago when Mr. Bacon developed the SB1 model.  We have stripped the lacquer and added a Dieter Otto Weimar-Berlin (CF Schmidt inspired) lead pipe and bell flare. The lead pipe has the innovative adapter system invented by Martin Ecker at Dieter Otto to allow us to perform precision mouthpiece to Venturi alignments. The Bb/F exchange valve "whip" or linkage system and the main levers are completely removed and replaced with a slightly modified Yamaha 667 linkage system. This is not only more comfortable, it operates the valves more efficiently. The F branch has been removed and adjusted before re-installation. This is a used Conn 10DR (it has a gold brass bell tail) We have changed the original bell flare out to the preferred Otto bell flare for performance and sound. This horn is not offered with a case.

Also, note that you can have this work done to your pre-existing Conn 10D or 11D. We would be happy to discuss the process with you.


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