Siegfried's Call Custom Model SC1 Hoyer G10

Siegfried's Call had developed the model SC1 double horn based on the Hoyer G10. This horn is a fully customized version of the Hoyer G10. We have stripped the lacquer and added a Dieter Otto Weimar-Berlin (CF Schmidt inspired) lead pipe and bell flare. The lead pipe has the innovative adapter system invented by Martin Ecker at Dieter Otto to allow us to perform precision mouthpiece to Venturi alignments. The "guts" of the horn are opened up by Scott Bacon. The Bb/F exchange valve "whip" or linkage system is completely redesigned through numerous meetings and conversations with our friend and the "whip-master" David Smalley. We add an adjustable finger hook and finish the horn off with real wooden veneer inlay on the valve caps and levers. The horn is offered currently with the original Hoyer blue detachable bell case.

This package deal presents the standard Hoyer G10 in a very different situation. We believe these actions are not only fun for us to work on, but offer the Hoyer enthusiast a real option on the market for their beloved instrument of choice. Although many may believe an out of the box Hoyer G10 is perfectly fine the way it is, some may be looking for something strangely similiar, yet different. To this, we have reached our goal. We hope you get a chance to try this horn out and give us your feedback.

Also, note that you can have this work done to your pre-existing Hoyer G10. We would be happy to discuss the process with you.


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