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Siegfried's Call Custom Model SC1 Hoyer G10

Designer: Siegfried's Call


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The Siegfried's Call Custom SC1 Hoyer G10 model is based on a Hoyer G10 double horn, fully customizing it to present the standard Hoyer G10 in a very different situation.

The custom workshop makes the following custom modifications to a new Hoyer G10:

  • Strip lacquer.
  • Add a Dieter Otto Weimar-Berlin (C.F. Schmidt inspired) lead pipe and bell flare.
  • Install the Martin Ecker removable mouthpiece-to-Venturi adapter system for proper alignment, and fit.
  • Reshape the ports of the exchange valve.
  • Add an adjustable finger hook
  • Install the Siegfried's Call Custom badge.

The horn is offered with the original Hoyer blue detachable bell case.

Allow up to 2 weeks for completion of custom modifications.

Call us (toll free) at: 866-888-7478, or to discuss making these custom modifications to a Hoyer G10 that you currently own.

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