Siegfried's Call Custom French Horn Rims

We have noticed that for horn players who enjoy "setting in" with their embouchure, the exterior shapes haven't provided a real concrete feel on the face. We explored this observation a bit further and found that only on cushion rims did this exist. Therefore, we developed 3 series of rims with our special outer shape: Cushion, Thin, and Ultra Thin. All are very comfortable and support traditional sound profiles. In testing thus far, we have noticed that even people who do not "set in" like the feel our rims provide. We also chose to use stainless steel as a material because of its enduring quality... with a finished Bronze H-Kote that will provide years of durable wear. There are 3 series of rims to choose from: SCCR (Siegfried's Call Cushion Rim), SCTR (Siegfried's Call Thin Rim), SCUTR (Siegfried's Call Ultra Thin Rim).
Sizes for each series are:
SCCR: 17.5mm -18.50mm, 3.99mm - Wide oval, wide front to back
SCTR: 17.25-18.5mm, 3.70mm - Oval, medium front to back
SCUTR: 17.25-18.5mm, 3.58mm - Slightly oval, narrow front to back
The sizes are available in .25mm increments. The threads are 3/4 x 36 Giardinelli standard threads, with a junction point of .660".  The rims are designed to work well with older Giardinelli, Schilke 2-piece, Moosewood, Osmun, and Houser cups. They may work on other cups made with the same threading too... We just have to try it!
In addition to our own series of rims, we are developing a line called the SCASR (Siegfried's Call Artist's Series Rims). These rims are customized by our artists to suit their performance situations.
SCASR: Variable depending on the Artist. Our first rim is the Rachel Drehmann rim (17.75mm)



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