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Siegfried's Call Custom French Horn Rims

Designer: Siegfried's Call


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At Siegfried's Call Custom, we observed that for horn players who prefer "setting in" with their embouchure that the exterior shapes of some rims did not provide a concrete feel on the face. Continuing this research, we discovered that only on cushion rims did this exist. To that end, Siegfried's Call Custom developed three series of rims with our exclusive, proprietary outer shape: Cushion, Thin, and Ultra Thin. All shapes are extremely comfortable and support traditional sound profiles; even players who do not "set in" enjoy the feel our rims provide. Current production of our rims are made of brass and are available gold plated. Our remaining stainless steel rims are finished with a Bronze H-Kote, providing years of durable wear, but are only available until our current inventory runs out.
Siegfried's Call Custom Rim Series Sizing:

SCCR (Siegfried's Call Cushion Rim): 17.5mm -18.50mm, 3.99mm - Wide oval, wide front to back
SCTR (Siegfried's Call Thin Rim): 17.25-18.5mm, 3.70mm - Oval, medium front to back
SCUTR (Siegfried's Call Ultra Thin Rim): 17.25-18.5mm, 3.58mm - Slightly oval, narrow front to back
Sizes are available in .25mm increments. The threads are 3/4 x 36 Giardinelli standard threads, with a junction point of .660" (16.764mm). The rims are designed to work well with older Giardinelli, Schilke 2-piece, Moosewood, Osmun, and Houser cups, as well as others with the same threading.

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