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Siegfried's Call Custom Model SC4 Yamaha 671

Designer: Siegfried's Call


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The Siegfried's Call Custom Model SC4 is completely modified in the Siegfried's Call Custom workshop. We begin with a new Yamaha 671, making the following modifications to craft a completely new horn:

  • Strip lacquer.
  • Reshape the exchange valve ports.
  • Refit and lap valves to Siegfried's Call proprietary specifications.
  • Ultrasonically clean.
  • Align valve ports and install upgraded bumper and string materials.
  • Cut the bell and install a new Dieter Otto bell ring.
  • Add a Dieter Otto hand-hammered bell flare with matte lacquer on the inside and a steel wire in the rim.
  • Exchange lead pipe with a Dieter Otto Jeff Nelsen model, allowing for better hand to mouth positioning and improved intonation.
  • Add Siegfried's Call Custom engraved valve caps.
  • Add Siegfried's Call Custom engraved concave finger buttons.
  • Traditional water key on the lead pipe and F branch.
  • Install the innovative Martin Ecker mouthpiece-to-Venturi adapter system for proper alignment and mouthpiece fit.
  • Install Siegfried's Call Custom shield.

Case must be purchased separately for this horn.

    Allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. Call us (toll free) to order or to see if a horn is available for immediate shipment: 866-888-7478.

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