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Siegfried's Call Custom - lubricant combo packs for French horn

Designer: Hetman


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Siegfried's Call Custom has created a few combo packs of our most common lubricant combinations from our customers. Not only does this save you time shopping, but it saves a little money too.

Hetman Synthetic (11,13,7) - This is our most popular combination! Most of the horns we service in our shop receive these 3 lubricants. Also, these are the primary three lubricants we offer our customers when they purchase a new or used horn from us.

BERP BioOil Combo Standard (4,5,Schilke Grease) - The new Bio Oil Rotor oil series of lubricants are excellent quality. For well serviced and newer instruments, this STANDARD combo will work well. To those interested in a more plant-based, organic oil, Bio Oil is the choice.

 BERP BioOil Combo Classic (4,6,Schilke Grease) - Following the lead of the standard combo above, we also wanted to offer this combination for players with rotor valves that have a little more play, end or side, and need a thicker bearing oil to quiet the valves and help maintain a smooth action.

Super-Synth Combo (Super-Synth,H13,Schilke) - To those who have been Al Cass lovers, we present to you the Super-Synth combo. The testing on Super-Synth has been very positive as a very light and quick thin oil. With Al Cass being back ordered nation-wide with no delivery in sight, try this great combo as an excellent alternative.


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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