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San Francisco French Horn Cup

Designer: Houser Mouthpiece Works


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The Houser "San Francisco Model" is used by the horn section of the San Francisco Symphony and is based on the time-tested, bowl-shaped cup design that has been found to be most compatible with Geyer-style horns. Its design can be traced back to mouthpieces made by Carl Geyer himself and offers quick response and evenness throughout all registers. It provides a rich, complex tone in lower dynamics and plenty of brilliance and projection when played loud. This allows the player access to a wide variety of tone color possibilities without sacrificing response and flexibility.

No enduring mouthpiece can be designed in a vacuum. The collaboration of the San Francisco Symphony horn section for nearly 6 months has been instrumental in fine tuning the back-bore and bore to give the best balance of air-speed and resistance to the piece.

During the evaluation phase, the second prototype (out of several) was by far the favorite of the horn section, hence the the designation as "Model 2".

The Bore is available in standard US#14 - 4.623mm or US#16 - 4.496mm

The Shank is standard American taper or Morse 0, a Euro shank is also available (typically special order)

Cup Threading: Giardinelli 3/4 x 36 threads are standard with a junction diameter of .655-.660 inches.

Made in the USA

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