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The Richard Todd Model RT91 and RT92 Descant Horns by Hans Hoyer

Designer: Meister Hans Hoyer

$10,083.00 $14,161.00

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Descant horns - Design for the discerning.

The inspiration for this instrument came from Richard Todd, principal horn of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and Professor at the University of Miami. Richard Todd paid special attention to the L.A. specific horn sound, originally established by his teacher, Vincent De Rosa.

The horn is quite versatile and serves Richard Todd well in both his classical, studio, and jazz performances. The horn is made of very thin brass, which ensures quick response and accuracy. The bell is a single-seamed bell in German size. The horn is available in yellow or gold brass, with either string (RT92) or 3B mechanical linkage (RT91).



  • F/Bb double horn
  • bore: 11,9 mm/0.468“
  • bell: 310 mm/12.204“
  • gold brass leadpipe
  • 3B linkage system (RT91)
  • string linkage (RT92)
  • three-dimensional adjustable finger hook
  • clear lacquered

*Factory installed adjustable hand rest is available at about a 6 month lead time for delivery. We can install an aftermarket hand rest in the shop as soon as your order arrives. (typically faster)


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