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Rotor Linkage String

Designer: Siegfried's Call


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We have searched for and tested many different materials available in the marketplace to find the best rotor string for your precious instrument. In our quest, we have stumbled upon a braided spectra material that is .030" in diameter and is incredibly strong, with about a 175lbs test. We love the way this string feels, as it does not stretch, and transfers the feeling right to the fingertips. Upon initial testing, we found we could actually feel the true spring tension under our fingers. Available in various colors, the white works well for all horn linkages while we found that the colored string should be reserved for articulated linkages only. We have prepackaged these strings with a knot on one end for ease of installation. One package is for a standard double horn with 4 valves. Order a second if you have a triple horn or more valves to string up. The string has very low friction when rubbing against itself, and after cutting the ends can be burned with a lighter to hold the braid from fraying.

The spectra braided material does not accept die, therefore a type of light waxy coating provides the color. It can wear off, so we recommend the colored rotor string for articulated linkages only.

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