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Powerstopf Stopping Mute for Horn

Designer: Powerstopf

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Powerstopf Mute

The Powerstopf mute is a Newly designed french horn non-transposing stopping mute for french horn. Hand-stopping can be a difficult proposition, especially in the low register or fff. Tuning can be uncertain and the player is restricted to the F horn.Some player's hands are just too small or large to stop effectively.

The Powerstopf mute addresses these problems. It has a sound very close to hand stopping but plays loud and works in the low register. It works both on the F and Bb sides of the horn and intonation and response are even and predictable. (You do still have to transpose down a half-step.) Three different color wrist cords are included.


"Got [my] mute the other day. FABULOUS! Plays in tune all over the horn and on the Bb horn. It's actually BETTER in tune on the Bb horn than the F horn and, of course, more accurate. I even tried stopping a high c,d,e on my high f horn and it worked! I don't know how you did it but congratulations on the best stop mute out there!"
Cheers, Marty
(Marty Hackleman, former member of the National Symphony and the Canadian Brass)

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