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Paxman Model 40L Descant Horn Serial Number 3788

Designer: Paxman


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Paxman Model 40L SN#3788

This used Paxman Model 40L descant horn serial number 3788 built June 9th 1978. Original purchase papers with correspondence to the original and only order are included, with hand written notes from Dick Merewether.

This horn was made to be able to change the Bb horn to a C horn with a special crook in the stopping valve. Notes say to adjust the Bb valve slides to bring the scale into tune. The result being a concert pitch double horn. (with F alto)

The original order reads as such from Paxman: (hand written)

  • One- Paxman Bb(A)/f alto Full double horn
  • Model 40 Ammended e(Bnatural)
  • Medium Bore
  • Large bell
  • Yellow Brass
  • Detachable Bell
  • Solid Rotors
  • Cord lever action (mechanical exchanges)
  • ducks foot support no finger hook
  • This order was placed in June 1977

At Siegfried's Call, we have performed end and side play service to the valves, cleaned the instrument thoroughly, and made ready for the next player.

The horn is offered without a case.



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