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Osmun One Piece French Horn Mouthpieces

Designer: Osmun


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The most popular cup and rim combinations in a more economical one-piece design.


The Chicago/CH combines Osmun's most popular cup and rim. The Chicago cup is moderately deep and straight-sided. It's dark and very even across the registers. The rim is medium wide and provides good comfort and support. It has a #16 throat and works well with most medium and medium-wide bell instruments.


The London/LS75 cup is a bit shallower, has a more pronounced curve, and a #16 throat. It works well with most small and medium instruments and produces a bright, ringing sound. Here it's paired with the LS75 rim, directly comparable to the popular Laskey 75 rim. (It's also very similar to a Bach 7S rim)


The New York/L6 mouthpiece is identical to a Giardinelli C10 with a #10 throat. It works well with wide bell tapers and allows the player to produce a massive sound. The rim is a copy of the Lawson B23G-695. It has the same reverse peak as the original Giardinelli rim but is much more comfortable.

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