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Nr. 87 - Hammered

Designer: Dieter Otto


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The number 87 refers to the form number. Many in the industry consider this form to be a "C. F. Schmidt" design, but it actually is slightly larger than the original form, and has, by all accounts, become well known in its own right. This form is used by some manufacturers who wish to have an authentic "C. F. Schmidt" sound profile, however it is not so. This flare fits well with a more modern "symphonic" sound profile with plenty of power, projection, and overtones. The Nr. 87 is the bell flare of choice for the Dieter Otto 201, and the 180K-JN (Jeff Nelsen) models. It also works extremely well on the 185 Triple horn (as played by Martin Hackleman). The hammered flare offers a "singing" quality with beautiful effervescent overtones on top of the standard core sound profile the Nr. 87 form produces.


The hammering process begins with sheet brass cut with tin snips in a specific form shape. The material is folded over and braised together with copper. This creates the "seam" that many look for to determine the quality of a particular used item later in its life cycle. After being braised and shaped, the rough shaped conical tube is annealed to soften and make it more malleable. Now it is stretched over the form by hammer strokes. Today's techniques incorporate a mix between wooden rod hammering machines and the master hand worker himself.

Yellow Brass
dark rich core with light overtones with an even diphthong throughout register changes and volumes... great projection
Gold Brass
mid level dynamics are incredibly interesting, as dynamics become louder, the core decreases and the higher overtones have a tendency to be highly excited and take over. I have been saying for years that gold brass is "an untamed beast"
Nickel Silver
A naturally bright alloy that is typically chosen with larger bell flares which creates a width of sound, warm and rich, yet adds great sizzle in the louder dynamics. Most, with this size bell taper, would consider the sound to be bright.
A typically nickel silver band that is soldered in at the bell wire/bead. Width can vary, but we like a kranz 20mm wide. This allows for engraving, should you want it. Adding a Kranz to a hammered flare is not only a beautiful option, but traditional as well. It will hone in some of the brighter, higher overtones through a more centered, compact tone. Gain power in louder dynamics, lose lightness and agility for delicate work.
*After placing your order, please specify which ring you would prefer: Dieter Otto, E. Schmid, Alexander, Paxman, Yamaha.


**Due to the close relationship between Martin Ecker (Dieter Otto) and Bernd Sandner (Schallstueckmacherei), these bells are made by Bernd, prepared by Martin, and finished either by us in the shop at Siegfried's Call, or the Dieter Otto shop.

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