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Nr. 3 - Spun

Designer: Dieter Otto


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The process starts with a sheet of brass in the shape of a disc that is pressed to fit a form then it is  transferred to a lathe and pressed while turning against the pre-determined form. The result is a bell flare with slightly thinner material nearest the throat or bell ring area, and slightly thicker material near the rim or bell wire. A majority of manufacturers around the world incorporate this manufacturing technique and it is considered a modern method. 

Re-numbered the #3 mandrel, this bell flare matches perfectly the C.F. Schmidt Weimar Berlin bell. The bell has a copper coated steel wire in the rim to give it a more traditional and authentic feel/sound.

Yellow Brass
Dark rich core with light overtones... even diphthong throughout register changes and volumes... great projection
Gold Brass
mid level dynamics are incredibly interesting, as dynamics become louder, the core decreases and the higher overtones have a tendency to be highly excited and take over. I have been saying for years that gold brass is "an untamed beast"
Nickel Silver
A naturally bright alloy that is typically chosen with larger bell flares which creates a width of sound, warm and rich, yet adds great sizzle in the louder dynamics. Most, with this size bell taper, would consider the sound to be bright.
A typically nickel silver band that is soldered in at the bell wire/bead. Width can vary, but we like a kranz 20mm wide. This allows for engraving, should you want it. Adding a Kranz to a spun flare will provide a very centered, compact tone without many higher overtones but powerful with a projection determined to strip paint off of the walls in the back of the hall.


*Due to the close relationship between Martin Ecker (Dieter Otto) and Bernd Sandner (Schallstueckmacherei), these bells are made by Bernd, prepared by Martin, and finished either by us in the shop at Siegfried's Call, or the Dieter Otto shop.

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