MB5ST detachable bell French Horn Case

The MB5ST is an original design by Marcus Bonna. Made by hand in a Brazil, Marcus Bonna cases are among the most popular by horn players of all levels. The MB5ST rests the bell at a slight angle over the corpus providing less overall thickness of the case compared to the MB1 model.

Included are: padded backpack straps, shoulder strap, mouthpiece pouch, and room for a small folding music stand. The MB5ST has a zipper enclosure and a soft cloth quilted interior over forgiving foam. The shell is made of molded fiberglass (standard). A small triangular shaped accessory pouch is inside. Outside you will find a small zipper music pouch on the back, and on the top is another triangular shaped zipper pouch.  The MB5ST case includes the space to secure 2 straight mutes, 1 straight mute and 1 stopping mute, or a small folding music stand and a mute of choice in the lid.

New to the MB5ST line up includes a carbon fiber base structure.

This optional add on is 300g lighter than the standard fiberglass shell. The carbon fiber is a bit stiffer in feel and the 300 grams is noticeably lighter.

Specifications for MB5ST Case:
weight w/out horn: 8.0 lbs. (fiberglass)
weight with horn: 13.4 lbs. (approximate)
length: 22”
narrowest height: 5.5”
longest height: 9”
width at bottom section: 14”  

 NOTE: The MB5ST standard and xl sizes share the same external dimensions. In the future, all MB5ST cases will be ordered with the interior xl size. This will provide our customers with the most versatility inside without sacrificing external sizes.

Made in Brazil.
For Special Order Please allow for an estimated 3-5 months for delivery.


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