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MB5 - Baby - SC Edition (older version while supplies last)

Designer: Marcus Bonna


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The moment we have all been waiting for.

Introducing the The MB5 Baby Siegfried's Call Edition. It is essentially everything we knew about the MB5 Baby, but with a new crafty internal redesign, we can fit many standard sized horns within! Dieter Otto JN, Weimar Berlin, Hudson Valley Model, SC4, Conn 8D, Hoyer 6800 series, Briz, Holton Farkas, Alexander 103, Schmid Triple, LDx5, Lewis, Patterson, to name but a few.

This is a very small design based on the MB5 series detachable bell french horn cases by Marcus Bonna. Due to the small size of this case, some horns may not fit. Please contact us for questions. Upgrades are now available to have the base structure made out of carbon fiber instead of fiberglass. This is a stiffer material and is 300g less in weight.

The MB5 is an original design by Marcus Bonna. Made by hand in a Brazil, Marcus Bonna cases are among the most popular by horn players of all levels. The MB5 Baby Siegfried's Call Edition rests the bell at a slight angle over the corpus providing less overall thickness of the case compared to the MB1 model. Included are: padded backpack straps, shoulder strap, mouthpiece pouch. The MB5 Baby Siegfried's Call Edition has a zipper enclosure and a soft cloth interior over forgiving foam. The shell is made of molded fiberglass which is standard. A small triangular shaped accessory pouch is inside. Outside you will find a small zipper music pouch on the back, and on the top is another triangular shaped zipper pouch.  The MB5 Baby Siegfried's Call Edition case includes the space to secure 2 straight mutes, or 1 straight mute and 1 stopping mute in the lid. 

22.5cm x 35cm x 46cm –  1 straight mute and 1 stopped mute.


Made in Brazil.
Only available while supplies last.

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