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Designer: Marcus Bonna


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This case features a detachable bell section. (detaches by zipper)

This ability allows great flexibility for the frequent traveler.

The bell cone can be unzipped and stored separately especially convienant for flights on smaller planes where luggage compartment real estate is sparse. The case includes backpack straps, a shoulder strap, and adjustable interior foam blocks and cushions to create the most secure fit around your horn.

The internal size fits most horns but if you play a Geyer wrap horn with a large loop (corpus) this case may not work for your horn. If you play an Alexander 103, this case will fit your horn, but it is possible for us to order this case specifically for the 103 model. Please contact us to make a special request.

Made in Brazil.


We have a select inventory that always fluctuates. Please contact us to confirm our inventory, or to confirm special order status.

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