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MBSCD Soft Case with Detachable Bell Section

Designer: Marcus Bonna


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Since Marcus Bonna came out with these ultra light weight designed cases, we were a bit skeptical at first... as we are always looking for maximum protection... but the balance between protection, price, and ultimate portability, makes this case a real winner. 
Our customers use this case exclusively or as a secondary travel case. The size is very small, and with the option to unzip the protective bell flare case, you can just pop that part right in your checked luggage and never worry about the corpus with you on the plane....
mouthpiece pouch and backpack straps included
The fiberglass base structure is about a pound heavier than the carbon fiber. Carbon fiber feels a bit stiffer and structurally is very strong.
Weight of a leather case with carbon fiber without a horn is 6.2lbs. The fiberglass equivalent is between 7.2lbs-7.4lbs.
Made in Brazil.
  • Please allow three-six months for delivery this case is not a stock item.
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