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Marcus Bonna Mutes for French Horn

Designer: Marcus Bonna


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Marcus Bonna mutes are handcrafted in Brazil. Each mute is constructed from a wood base. Straight mutes are tunable, lightweight, and durable, and feature a viscous rope attached to the bottom plate for easy and quick handling. About the Marajoara design: now extinct (c. 1350 AC), the Marajoara people lived in Northern Brazil ( Marajó Island - Amazonia) 7000 years ago. Marajoara pottery is still considered one of the most beautiful and decorated potteries in the world today. Modern day craftsman still employ these designs in the small riverside village of Icoaraci, where Marcus Bonna grew up. Each Marajoara mute features a unique handcrafted design in your choice of white, red, or blue.

 Model Description
Practice Mute Practice mutes of wood and cardboard construction have a foam ring around the top to ensure a snug fit, and filler material and holes along the side to dampen the sound yet allow air to flow through.
Tunable Straight Mute 3 Models of tunable straight mutes are offered by Marcus Bonna. The wooden/cardboard Rittich-style tunable mutes surprise most that test them. The taper promotes easy low note projection. These mutes compare well against the sound of the Original Rittich mute, and performs at a level well above its price point. It is available in two finishes: natural wood, and the Marajoara design. The third model is a black fiberglass mute with a wooden bottom plate.
Wagner Tuba Mute (on order, once we have it we will be able to write a good description here)
Cup Mute (on order, once we have it we will be able to write a good description here)

Marcus Bonna Mutes are hand made in Brazil.

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