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L'olifant Paris French Horn Rim 1789 Series

Designer: L'olifant Paris


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L'olifant French Horn Rim 1789 Series are imported from Paris, France. This rim series is an excellent choice for those who love the Giardinelli rim feel. They are extremely well crafted rims that come in 4 shapes and size variations to meet your needs. Although from Europe, the threading is standard Giardinelli, and they will fit with Osmun, Houser, Siegfried's Call Custom, Houghton, Moosewood, Atkinson cups. Please contact us to confirm if your cup will fit their rim.

NOTE: As this is a new product, we are starting to build our inventory. Special Orders are available now, but we may be looking at about 2 months delivery as of 5/23/18.

The lL'olifant French Horn Rim Series are available in 4 inner diameter sizes:

  • O (16.50mm) (special order only)*
  • A (17.00mm) (specially designed for S cups by L'olifant)
  • B (17.50mm) (specially designed for M cups by L'olifant)
  • C (18.00mm) (specially designed for L cups by L'olifant)

Each Inner diameter letter size is designed to match perfectly with the inner junction point of the  L'olifant Paris French Horn 1789 Series Cups. For example, the AR1 rim aligns perfectly with the S450MD cup. The B and C rims will fit the S cup, however, the junction of the rim will be bigger than the starting entrance diameter of the cup, and a shelf will result.

Each size is available in 4 shapes:

  • W (wide)
  • R1 (thin and flat) This same shape comes an R2 (slightly thinner width)
  • O (standard)
  • F (semi flat)

The lettering system therefore looks like this: AW,AR1,AO,AF, or BW... and so on.

Available in 3 material finishes:

  • Delrin*
  • brass with silver plating
  • brass with gold plating

*notates that these items are special order only.

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