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L'olifant Paris French Horn Cup Model 1789

Designer: L'olifant Paris


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L'olifant Paris French Horn Cup Model 1789

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  • Singular cup shape based on an original Giardinelli "G" cup shape
  • Cup underpart has Giardinelli standard threads. Fits most rims*
  • Cup underparts available in three rim junction sizes. S (small 17.00mm) M (medium 17.50mm) L (large 18.00mm)
  • Cup sizes designed for maximum rim alignment with L'olifant rims S (17.00mm), M (17.50mm) and L (18.00mm)
  • Most aftermarket rims, ie: Osmun, Houser, Siegfried's Call Custom will fit the S (small 17.00mm) cup size with no "shelf" where the rim and cup meet.
  • Bore sizes are metric. The American Drill Gauge closest equivalent is listed in the chart below.
  • Cup depths are listed as: D -deep, MD -medium deep, M - medium, S - shallow.
  • Traditional standard US mouthpiece shank.
  • available in silver plate or gold plate (gold plating is special order, allow 2-3 weeks for delivery)
  • We have created our own model number to facilitate understanding and reduce any confusion with these cups.
  • NOTE: L'olifant model numbers are stamped on the cup, such as A16 or B12. These letters and numbers DO NOT coincide with traditional American bore sizes or cup shapes. This is why we have created new model names to choose from. Note also that the cup will arrive with the original L'olifant model number stamped on the cup or rim.

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