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Laskey 70G French Horn Mouthpiece

Designer: The Laskey Company

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The 70G features a 17.00mm inner diameter, a #14 Bore - 4.623mm, and his E shaped cup.

The G shaped cup is offered in all sizes. In tests, this cup provided the best mix of tone and color to virtually every players. While slightly more shallow than many cups it's performance outshines them all. By far the most popular cup shape within the Laskey French Horn Mouthpiece Line.

Standard American shank.

For years, Scott Laskey has made custom french horn mouthpieces for players from around the world, which has helped him determine what players want and need to make a difference in their sound. This dedication and experience is the foundation for the production of the Laskey standard product line of french horn mouthpieces. His work with so many professional players from around the world who helped in this development results in a concise and exceptional line of french horn mouthpieces consisting of seven rim sizes and four cup sizes.

Made in the USA.

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