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Hans Hoyer 6000 Series Kruspe Style "Heritage" Professional Double Horn

Designer: Meister Hans Hoyer

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The Meister Hans Hoyer Kruspe Style "Heritage" Professional Double Horn

6000 Series.

The design of the Kruspe style that we know and love today comes from the first horns brought to the US by Anton Horner of the Philadelphia Orchestra in 1904. The 6000 series Heritage models were designed to be a solid replacement to the aging Conn Elkhart 8D horns that were Kruspe copies themselves, and have since been worn out from use in the professional arena. The 6000 series Hans Hoyer horns have the standard Hoyer built quality parts, such as corrosion- resistant lead pipe and high-quality lacquered XL bell, and are available in yellow, gold brass or the traditional nickel silver. 

  • F/Bb double horn
  • bore: 11,9 mm/0.468“
  • bell: 310 mm/12.204“ (XL)
  • gold brass leadpipe
  • adjustable thumb lever
  • 3B linkage system (6801)
  • string lingage (6802)
  • clear lacquered
  • NS means nickel silver
  • G means gold brass
  • A means detachable screw bell
  • comes with a deluxe case.

*Options for the adjustable finger hook and the adjustable hand rest can be special ordered but may take up to 6 months for delivery. For a faster delivery, we can add these items with after market parts and deliver either the same day or next day. (if the standard horn ordered is in stock)

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