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Jo Ral Metal French Horn Mutes

Designer: Jo-Ral


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Built to the Jo-Ral standard of excellence, the French horn mute allows for a free-blowing sound in all registers, providing a consistent flow quality that allows musicians to achieve a delicate, controlled sound without transposing registers.
Made of the highest quality hand-spun aluminum, Jo-Ral mutes are designed and tested to perform evenly in all registers. Alternative materials used on the bottom of the mute create varying sound characteristics for special effect, giving musicians the freedom of artistic expression. Multi-purpose all-aluminum FR-1A mute provides a bright muted sound, a confidential sound ideal for smaller settings. For a darker, more mellow effect, a copper-bottom FR-AC mute is the perfect choice. The all-copper FR-C mute creates a deep, rich, sound. Jo-Ral mutes also feature neoprene-enhanced composite cork pads that provide extra durability. The result is a more pliable cork that grips well and doesn't dry out, become brittle or break off - so it lasts longer while easily accommodating fine adjustments for a perfect fit.
Made in the USA.

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