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Jeff Nelsen Signature 750 French Horn Mouthpiece

Designer: Jeff Nelsen


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The Jeff Nelsen Signature 750 Mouthpiece takes the elements of success from his Personal Model to offer a little more room for the embouchure. Many who have tried and like the Personal Model but found it a bit small to their liking may like the new Signature Series. It is also available in 775 (17.75mm) here. By far, the most popular sizing based on inner diameter these days is the 17.50mm inner diameter.

Available with a standard American mouthpiece shank, or, the Euro shank. You can choose silver or gold plate as well.


Inside Diameter: ………17.50 mm ( 0.679 inches)
Throat bore:  #16 - 4.496mm


*Select items in stock. Currently taking orders for our next delivery in 8-12 weeks. (9-16-16)

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