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Jon Ring Rims from Houser Mouthpiece Works - French Horn Artist Series Rims

Designer: Houser Mouthpiece Works


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The Artist Series Rims are an offering of rim shapes and sizes after many dedicated hours of cooperation with various French Horn Artists around the world. Jon Ring has teamed up with Dave Houser and they have created a rim comparable to his standard set up which is essentially a copy of a Yamaha 33C4 rim with a 17.74mm ID.

Siegfried's Call is happy to be able to offer our clients these rims to choose from.

H-Kote stainless steel rims are far superior to gold in terms of durability and value. Over time gold plating will wear off or migrate into the silver plate, losing its playing benefits. H-Kote should last almost indefinitely and it is very bio-compatible. Customers report H-Kote offers playing comfort that is at least equivalent to and in many cases better than gold plate.

Whether a person has been playing 2 years or 30 years, brass allergies can occur at any point in one's career. What begins as a minor irritation can become debilitating relatively quickly. The H-Kote stainless steel rims have helped to restore comfort and security to allergic players.

Stainless steel rims are available with H-Kote titanium nitride coatings in black or gold color.

All rims join with cups having a .660 junction and are standard Giardinelli threads.

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