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HornGuard Utility Pouch

Designer: Horn Guard


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The HornGuard Utility Pouch is designed specifically to fit the first valve F crook (tuning slide) inside the lid of the Marcus Bonna Ultra Light soft case with detachable bell section. In this horn case, many horns have a tight fit around this crook, and we found that removing it helps relieve pressure and the mental stress that you might be putting your horn at risk. This pouch has a top quality waterproof zipper, velcro back attaches directly to the lid of the case, tucked out of the way of the rest of the horn inside the case.

The zipper pull has a rubber tip and will not scratch or dent anything inside the case. Unique shape allows you to use the pouch for other items too, should you want an extra pouch inside your case for oils, tools, etc...

Made by hand in the Siegfried's Call shop, the HornGuard utility pouch is a beautiful solution.


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