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Horn-Craft Mutes for French Horn

Designer: Horn Crafts


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Horn-Craft Mutes are handcrafted in the Netherlands using laser cut parts to ensure precision assembly, intonation, and consistent results. Horn-Craft offers three different models of tunable straight mutes featuring a variety of wood and resistance levels, in addition to the newly designed non-transposing Powerstopf stopping mute. Each mute features a viscose rope attached to the bottom plate for quick and easy handling. Horn-Craft mutes produce a very distinct sound to meet individual playing needs in combination with the type of horn being played.

 Model Description
Khaya A Rittich-style tunable straight mute made of rich, red mahogany—a wonderful sounding material. Its tapers produce a light resistance in most playing situations. 125Gr.
Sylva A Rittich-style tunable straight mute made of light colored beechwood,. Its tapers produce a mid-level of resistance that provides unique tone colors for specific performance requirements. 130Gr.
Betula A Rittich-style tunable mute made from beechwood and a birchwood bottom plate. Its special tapers produce heavy resistance for particular performance situations. 140Gr.
Powerstopf This non-transposing stopping mute eliminates the much of the difficulties of traditional hand-stopping, especially when playing in the low register or loudly. It offers reliable intonation for both the F and Bb sides with even and predictable response. The mute reduces back pressure during stopped passages, and offers a centered sound in soft passages. The neoprene grip ensures a tight seal around against the bell. The combination of metal and oak produces a sound that is identical to the tone color of actual hand-stopping. (Note: transposition ½ step lower is still necessary). 136Gr.

Made in the Netherlands.

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