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Hans Hoyer 800 Series Geyer Style Double Horn


The Meister Hans Hoyer Geyer Style Intermediate Double Horn

The very popular 800 series Geyer style model has been built for decades and will continue to be the mainstay of this style Hoyer horn. Through high-quality design, the model is suitable for beginners yet ideal for the aspiring professional. Standard features include gold brass leadpipe, adjustable finger hook and thumb lever. Models are available with either string or 3B linkage system, and offered in either yellow or gold brass.

800 Series:

  • F/Bb double horn
  • bore: 11,9 mm/0.468“
  • bell: 310 mm/12.204“ (M)
  • gold brass leadpipe
  • adjustable thumb lever
  • three-dimensional adjustable finger hook
  • 3B mechanical lever linkage system (801)
  • string linkage (802)
  • clear lacquered

801 is a fixed bell, lacquered mechanical linkage yellow brass double horn in Bb/F

801A is the same as the 801 but with a detachable bell

801G is a fixed bell, lacquered mechanical linkage gold brass double horn in Bb/F

801GA is the same as the 801G but with a detachable bell

all 802 variants are the same as the 801, but the 802 has string linkage instead of mechanical

      $5,053.00 $6,871.00

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