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Fat Cat Oil

Designer: Fat Cat Instrument Co., INC


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Fat Cat Instrument Oil, Tuning Slide Grease and Crème is the odorless, non-toxic way to lubricate your trumpet, horn, trombone and tuba. Manufactured in Manhattan since 1995 and sold world over, Fat Cat lubricants have been tested in the harsh environment of the high school band room and on the blistering hot drill fields of Arizona drum corps. 

Fat Cat Valve Oil
Fat Cat Valve Oil is ultra-refined petroleum oil that chemical tests have shown to have fewer impurities than other popular valve oils. Fat Cat's viscosity ("thinness or thickness") is similar to other "fast" oils but works better because of its purity. So much so that it OSHA considers Fat Cat Oil as non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non flammable and non hazardous. Be assured that Fat Cat Oil will work extremely well in trumpets, baritones, euphoniums, French horns and tubas of all makes and ages. Its precision applicator tip makes it especially easy to reach rotary valve bearings.

New Fat Cat High Viscosity Oil

This is a slightly thicker, non-toxic, odorless oil that is perfect for french horn bearings and linkage. It is also a great oil for older valves that are not tight.

Fat Cat Tuning Slide Grease
Synthetic, Smooth, Non-Toxic, Low Odor

Fat Cat tuning slide grease gives a good grip and seal to your tuning slides.  It is formulated to work in partnership with Fat Cat Valve Oil. Its synthetic formula resists being dissolved into your valves and rotors when in contact with valve oil.  A thin smear on your slides provides enough resistance to easily move the slide, yet hold them in place.  At the same time the grease seals and protects the unlacquered tubing.

Fat Cat Creme

This is a non-toxic, synthetic tuning slide grease that is slightly more sticky than our regular slide grease. It can also be used as a woodwind cork grease!

Fat Cat First Aid Kit

A one ounce bottle of Fat Cat and a 1/4 container of Fat Cat synthetic grease is the perfect way to have some lube in your horn case whenever you need it. Packed in a heavy 4mil. plastic resealable bag.

When trying Fat Cat Oil for the first time, clean off all old oil with soft cloth. It might be a good idea to give your horn a bath at this time, although it is not absolutely necessary. Mild dish detergent (Dawn "Power Plus" is great for this) run though the slides and valves (remove pistons before washing) will wash out old oil and sludge. For piston valves, coat both the valves and valve casing before reassembling. Rotary valve instruments will lubricate both the inner and outer valve bearings. A good squirt of Fat Cat Oil into the first tuning slide, which is then inserted all the way in (to avoid the grease of the slide), followed by a few rotations of the horn, will allow the oil to reach all the rotors. Next, wipe your tuning slides clean with a soft rag (if the old slide grease won't wipe off, use a little paint thinner on a cloth). Apply a thin coat of Fat Cat Tuning Slide Grease on the valve slide. If you get excess grease squeezing out of the tuning slide tube, you put on too much. Wipe excess and wash hands after use.

Made in the USA.

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