I Will

{ I Will is a chance to hear jazz players "play" - just the pure sound of collective improvisation at its most intuitive and visceral. Clark has gathered - as he has with his live bands, of late - a group of musicians so secure in their chops, and musical identities, that they can listen to one another and play off of one another within the "open aesthetic" Clark encourages. } extract of liner notes written by Ron Overton

Artists on this album: John Clark, Trevor Clark, Stanton Davis, Brue Ditmas, Alex Foster, Chris Hunter, Howard Johnson, Ryo Kawasaki, Pete Levin, Mike Richmond, Bob Stewart

  1. India 7:21
  2. 96th Street Sonata (Casilda) 4:40
  3. (Mellow Max) 1:53
  4. (King Bert) 3:43
  5. My one and Only Love 6:54
  6. Bad Attitude 7:15
  7. Now You Start 3:14
  8. Airegin 3:03
  9. I Will 11:05
  10. Sister E.M.C. 5:07

Produced By Ralph Simon

Executive Producer: Sibyl R. Golden

1997 Postcards, Inc.


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