180KA-JN-Munich Model Double French Horn

The newest model in the 2016 Dieter Otto French Horn line up is the Model 180KA-JN-Munich. The Jeff Nelsen model has been a rock solid top performing instrument for many, and with the addition of the new Munich model JN variant, we believe the change in feel for some will be very positive. The larger main valves offer a different feel with an open blow and super response. The depth of sound differs from the original JN model, and some may find this favorable.


  • Newly integrated larger main valve cluster gives a larger bore through the valve block
  • lacquered brass finish
  • unique design modifications by Martin Ecker owner and Master-craftsman of Dieter Otto Horns
  • Jeff Nelsen lead pipe taper and bell flare combination
  • J. Meinlschmidt GmbH valve cluster
  • hand lapped nickel silver inner and outer slide tubes
  • engraved valve caps
  • fully adjustable thumb pad with reversible mechanical miniball linkage F/Bb or Bb/F
  • detachable bell
  • articulated string linkage for valves #1,#2,#3
  • easy to pivot and remove Bb and F 3rd valve crooks
  • medium bell taper
  • 12mm bore
  • bell diameter 31cm
  • traditionally hand bent tapered parts
  • many options available



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