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180KA-JN-Munich Model Double French Horn

Designer: Dieter Otto


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The newest model in the 2016 Dieter Otto French Horn line up is the Model 180KA-JN-Munich. The Jeff Nelsen model has been a rock solid, top-performing instrument for many, and with the addition of the new Munich model JN variant, Siegfried's Call believes the change in feel is amazing. The larger main valves offer a different feel with an open blow and super response. The depth of sound differs from the original JN model: slightly meatier, more low overtones, with a very relaxing blow.


  • Newly integrated larger main valve cluster gives a larger bore through the valve block.
  • Polished brass finish.
  • Unique design modifications by Martin Ecker owner and Master-craftsman of Dieter Otto Horns.
  • Jeff Nelsen lead pipe taper and bell flare combination.
  • J. Meinlschmidt GmbH valve cluster.
  • Hand-lapped nickel silver inner and outer slide tubes.
  • Engraved valve caps.
  • Fully adjustable thumb pad with reversible mechanical miniball linkage F/Bb or Bb/F.
  • Detachable bell.
  • Articulated string linkage for valves #1,#2,#3.
  • Easy-to-pivot and remove Bb and F 3rd valve crooks.
  • Medium bell taper.
  • 12mm bore.
  • Bell diameter: 31cm.
  • Traditionally hand-bent tapered parts.

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