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Conn Articulated Linkage Assembly Conversion Kit

Designer: Siegfried's Call

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Siegfried's Call has pre-assembled this kit that can easily be installed by a local technician. (braver souls could actually try this at home)

The problem: Elkhart 8D's through even some more modern Conn 8D horns have non articulated linkages. This means that the lever is made out of one solid piece of nickel stock, and operates the valve in an across and down motion. Not only does this motion interfere with valve feel, it can also have a negative effect on how the rotor wears in the casing over time.

Solution: Our linkage assembly kit drops right into Elkhart Conn 8d and 6d horns and has an articulated linkage that is stock on modern Conn 8d's. Slight modifications need to be addressed by a technician to convert the linkage set, but it is a very non invasive, performance enhancing upgrade.

By converting the old linkages to this new kit, you will discover a more positive feel from the beginning to the end of the valve stroke.

Please contact us if you have more questions.

Included in the kit:

Levers 1,2 and 3

Linkage rods for #1,2 and 3

Pivot screws for articulation

Delrin bushing inserts

string retaining screws for linkage rods 1,2 and 3

Use your original springs and axle rod. If you wish to have new springs click here.



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