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Designer: John Clark


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  1. Faith 4:00 Players: John Clark, Jeff Agrell, Kyle Hoyt, Tony Cecere, Greg Smith, Mark Micklethwaite (Drums)
  2. Four Pieces (Galliarde 1:56)
  3. (Courante :56)
  4. (Aria 1:08)
  5. (Passepied 1:38) Players: Ann Ellsworth, Javier Gandara, Michelle Baker, John Clark
  6. The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power 3:35 Players: Ann Ellsworth, John Clark, Jeff Agrell, Tony Cecere, Kyle Hoyt, Greg Smith , Mark Micklethwaite
  7. Deep River 3:12 Players: Javier Gandara, John Clark
  8. Blueberry Hill 3:12 Players: John Clark, Greg Smith Tony Cecere, Kyle, Ann, Mark
  9. Von Himmel Hoch 1:51 Players: Michelle Baker, Ann Ellsworth, John Clark
  10. Ballade 2:20 John Clark, Michelle Baker, Ann Ellsworth
  11. Trio 1:30 Ann Ellsworth, John Clark, Michelle Baker
  12. Ballad For  A New Age 4:52 John Clark
  13. Solfeggiamento 1:12 Michelle Baker, Ann Ellsworth
  14. Dark Rhapsody 2:56 Ann Ellsworth, John Clark
  15. Solitude 2:34 Ann Ellsworth, Kyle Hoyt, Greg Smith
  16. Six Moods 4:37 John Clark
  17. I Will 3:02 John Clark, Kyle Hoyt, Tony Cecere, Ann Ellsworth, Greg Smith
  18. Konfluence 3:59 John Clark, Ann Ellsworth, Kyle Hoyt

2003 Hidden Meaning Music

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