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Chicago (deep) French Horn Mouthpiece cup CHD8

Designer: Osmun


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The Chicago line, by Osmun, is designed after the original Farkas model, a quintessential American mouthpiece. The Chicago Deep line is essentially a copy of the Chicago line, but with a deeper cup. The Chicago Deep line of cups produce a darker timbre than the standard Chicago line but maintain a very even response across the registers. The deep cup shape with fairly straight sides produces an even dark sound which is rich in overtones.

The Chicago (deep) line specifications:

  •  CHD8 has a #8 bore 5.055mm
  • .650" (16.5mm) diameter at the joint where the cup and rim meet
  • inch threads are .750-36 threads, compatible with almost all American-made screw rim mouthpieces
  • metric cups are 17.5mm at the joint where the cup and rim meet (special order 1-2 weeks)
  • metric threads are .800-36, designed specifically to be interchangeable with Osmun, Paxman and Halstead-Chidell mouthpiece rims and are offered in sizes larger than the inch models.
  • multiple shank choices to fit your horn perfectly. (European and Schmid special order 1-2 weeks)
  • bright silver plated cup (gold plated cups allow for 1-2 weeks delivery)

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