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C23 Custom F/Bb/High F Triple Horn

Designer: Meister Hans Hoyer


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C23 Custom F/Bb/High F Triple Horn-369779

Used C23 Custom F/Bb/High F Triple Horn Serial Number 369779.

This triple horn was one of only a couple of horns sent from Germany to be tested with Jerome Ashby for product development. The horn is quite a gem and was used for a part of a season in the MET Opera, NYC by Erik Ralske. Siegfried's Call has made modifications to this instrument.

The full sound of the C23 doesn’t stick out in the symphonic orchestra setting, and it is very accurate and easy to play.

  • F/Bb/high F triple horn
  • bore: 11,9 mm/0.468“
  • bell: 310 mm/12.204“ (ML)
  • gold brass leadpipe
  • string mechanism
  • detachable bell
  • adjustable pinky hook
  • Blue Hans Hoyer detachable bell case included.

Siegfried's Call Modifications:

  • stripped lacquer
  • rebuilt the Bb Main tuning slide: we removed the "H" extension slide and created a reverse tuning airflow system on the horn. This extends the tubing significantly before a gap in the tuning crook changes the bore. On the return to the valve cluster, we created a section of tubing slightly smaller in bore to create a more balanced Bb to F and F alto feel. This also removed some weight from the horn.

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