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Best Brass Mutes for French Horn

Designer: Best Brass


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Best Brass Mutes are extremely well made, lightweight and compact.

Currently, Best Brass offers 4 Mutes in their line up:

e-Brass III is an electronic practice mute that has the ability to record, input metronome, output to various devices... super quiet, you can use this as an effects mute for converting to electronic media, practice, or performance. The compact all in one design is lightweight and packs easily in your case. Ear buds and batteries included.

The PotStop is the only stopping mute in the world for french horn that does not change the pitch of the horn when inserted into the bell. This allows the player to use the stopping mute and continue playing their music as written.

The Warm Up is an all aluminum practice mute that is lightweight and durable. It performs well from top to bottom of your range with an even scale. If you need to practice for longer time frames with a practice mute, the Warm Up is a good choice.

The Warm Up Jr. is essentially very similar to the Warm Up, but is made from a plastic so it is super lightweight and small. The sound is quiet, and it is budget friendly.


Made in Japan.

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