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Baroque Music for Horn and Strings

Designer: Bruce Atwell


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Baroque Music for Horn and Strings

Bruce Atwell, Horn

The St. Petersburg Chamber Philharmonic

Jefferey Meyer, conductor

2012 Centaur Records, Inc.

"Little is known about the performers for whom these works were written. It can be inferred, however, that man, if not all, would have been from the Austro-Bohemian tradition of horn playing. Most of the prominent players in European orchestras well into the nineteenth century were Bohemian dating back to the seventeenth century introduction of the natural horn into the court orchestra of Count Von Sporck of Bohemia after a visit to the court at Versailles." - extract from liner notes

Christoph Förster Concerto ex Dis Number 2

George Philipp Telemann Concerto in D

Peter Joachim Fick Concerto a 5 ex Dis

Johann Joachim Quantz Concerto in E-flat

Telemann Concerto for Violin, Horn, Cello and Continuo

Christian Pezold Trio Sonata in F Major

Karl Heinrich Graun Trio in D Major for Violin, Horn and Continuo


Gabriel Shuford, harpsichord; Nicholas Walker, double bass

Susan Waterbury, viloin; Heidi Hoffman, cello

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