BAGS - Eco Detachable Bell French Horn Case

The Eco model is a slightly improved version of the Comfort. Still an excellent choice for protection and your budget. The deep bottom section nestles your horn corpus comfortably in place while you travel all around town with your horn on your back. The nifty D-ring on the case allows you to snap your favorite mute bag to the outside of the case as well. The plastic hardware to snap your backpack straps to the case are beefed up a bit, and the slim, low profile, single top handle gives this two toned case a great look and feel.

Good protection, great price!

  • soft black and grey nylon exterior
  • large music pocket on back exterior with zipper enclosure
  • quick snap hardware for backpack or shoulder straps (improved hardware)
  • D-ring to attach a mute bag
  • fits most detachable bell French horns
  • mouthpiece/accessory pouch
  • single easy-carry durable handle


  • weight: 5.6 lbs without horn/11.6lbs with horn
  • height: 16 in.
  • length diagonally: 21 in.
  • width: 11.5 in.


$344.00 $390.00

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