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Mouthpiece-to-Venturi Leadpipe System for French Horn

Designer: Dieter Otto


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Created by Martin Ecker, owner and Master Craftsman at Dieter Otto Horns, this unique and innovative system provides a more consistent mouthpiece-to-venturi fit for horn players.

The lead pipe is cut at the venturi. The cap is soldered on so that the adapter end butts up to the end of the lead pipe. The adapters can be adjusted using a reamer to adjust depth for precise alignment.

Adapters can be ordered in US or German tapers. We have found that for most mouthpieces (even US tapers), the German adapter works best. The US adapter is best for older, very narrow shanks.

Using this system, when you change a mouthpiece, you can order a new adapter to fit the mouthpiece-to-venturi precisely. Enhance horn performance.

Remove the adapter once a week, clean and lubricate to prevent the adapter from corrosion and getting stuck.

Made in Germany of nickel silver.

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