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Siegfried's Call Custom "Hudson Valley" Model Dieter Otto Double French Horn

Designer: Dieter Otto/ Siegfried's Call


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In cooperation with Martin Ecker at Dieter Otto horns, Siegfried's Call owner, Scott Bacon has crafted the newest variant of the famous 180KA-JN Jeff Nelsen model horn. The 180KA-SCHV (Siegfried's Call Custom “Hudson Valley” model) uses the 180K frame as its foundation-a frame that has proven itself for 40+ years-along with the Jeff Nelsen lead pipe taper modifications, which has made the 180K so successful. This combination, in part, has lead to the "Hudson Valley" model's success. Mr. Bacon has incorporated modifications on the recommendations of the Munich Philharmonic horn section to use larger bore valves. Those familiar with Keith Berg horns will note that certain bracing positions, bell tapers, and the valve cluster dimensions are similar to that model. The horn is yellow brass (including slide tubes), the lead pipe is gold brass (the higher copper content prevents premature corrosion), and the bracing is yellow brass. Siegfried's Call collaborates with local Hudson Valley Artist, Zac Skinner, to produce valve cap engravings unique to each horn. Each “Hudson Valley” model is engraved with a unique serial number, beginning with HV1.

Features of the Siegfried’s Call Custom SCHV model:

  • Newly integrated larger main valve cluster gives a larger bore through the valve block for smooth slurs and effortless pianos.
  • Polished brass finish.
  • Unique hand work and assembly by Martin Ecker (owner and master craftsman of Dieter Otto Horns).
  • Jeff Nelsen lead pipe taper.
  • Installed Martin Ecker removable mouthpiece-to-Venturi adapter system for proper alignment and fit.
  • Unique bracing, valve bore, and bell tail based on the Berg model double horn.
  • J. Meinlschmidt GmbH valve cluster.
  • Hand-lapped yellow brass inner and outer slide tubes.
  • One-of-a-kind laser-engraved brass valve caps designed by artist Zac Skinner.
  • Fully adjustable thumb pad with reversible mechanical miniball linkage F/Bb or Bb/F.
  • Improved exchange valve whip fulcrum point provides quick and short throw.
  • Detachable bell.
  • Articulated string linkage for valves #1,#2,#3.
  • Easy-to-pivot and remove Bb and F 3rd valve crooks.
  • Medium bell taper.
  • 12mm bore.
  • Bell diameter: 31cm.
  • Traditionally hand-bent tapered parts.
  • This model goes through a Cryogenic deep freeze before delivery.
  • Matte lacquer inside the bell flare only.
  • Wooden wall plaque with laser engraving of the original artwork, signed by the artist.
Personal choice modifications:
  • Choice of one of two bell flares upon delivery. (See Below)
  • Choice of water keys, finger hook and flipper options installed by Siegfried's Call before delivery.
Case must be purchased separately for this horn.

Please allow 16-20 weeks for delivery.

The price for the Siegfried’s Call Custom SCHV model is fixed. Call us (toll free) to order: 866-888-7478.

Note: Bell Flares: 
We will ship 2 bell flares (hand-hammered is standard) from which you may choose. One bell flare is the same bell flare taper traditionally used by Berg horns. The other is the Siegfried’s Call Custom/Dieter Otto designed C.F. Schmidt flare made off of the original mandrel. Both bell flares have a copper-plated steel wire in the rim of the bell. This gives a gentle sizzle to the sound profile without changing the core "diphthong" of our sound concept. In other words, if you play louder it will give sizzle without thinning out.


Made in Germany, finished in the USA.

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