Siegfried's Call has a growing number of customers online and for in shop visits

Siegfried's Call is the most connected french horn shop on social media in America. Our reach is by far greater than the competition. This gives a consignor a rather large advantage when using Siegfried's Call to sell your instrument on consignment. We have policies in place to help protect us from scam artists. Let us do this work for you. In choosing Siegfried's Call, you are also helping us support the International Horn Competition of America.

Your instrument will be cleaned, prepared, repaired*, insured, and professionally photographed for our web sales shop at no upfront cost to the consignor. This is included in our consignment fee. Please allow up to 3 weeks to complete our marketing and processing steps.  We will display your instrument in our retail store, and it may possibly travel with us to various trade shows that we attend. (if we believe your particular instrument will do well there) When we sell the horn, we warranty the work we performed on the instrument for a year.

Siegfried's Call, Inc. charges a 18% consignment fee. There are no other surprise fees. We reserve the right to call the consignor with recommendations for further repair or customization should we feel the work would increase the value of the instrument. In these cases, an agreement will be made before going ahead with the work. The mutually agreed to price will determine the sales price.

The consignor can choose to cease the consignment of the item at any time. If the instrument has not sold within 12 months, Siegfried's Call will end the consignment or contact the consignor with new terms for the agreement. If the consignor ends the consignment agreement before 12 months time, the consignor will agree to pay a minimum $250 fee to Siegfried's Call. This covers costs in preparation, marketing, and insurance. The consignor is responsible to pay for shipping the item to us and back.

The consignor agrees not to hold Siegfried's Call, Inc. or any of its agents liable for loss in the case of theft, fire, terrorism, transit loss, natural disaster, or Act of God. Although Siegfried's Call, Inc. will insure the item while in our custody, we recommend that the consignor maintain insurance on their property.

Siegfried's Call, Inc. reserves the right to accept or deny any consignment articles.

Siegfried's Call, Inc. is proud to support the International Horn Competition of America. We pledge 2% of our consignment sales profits to this prestigious event.

 To consign an instrument with Siegfried's Call, Inc. please follow these steps:

  1. Contact us via email, or phone. 866-888-7478 (9-5 M-F)
  2. After a brief consultation, send your horn (insured) to: Siegfried's Call, Inc. 20 Kent Street Unit 109 Beacon, NY 12508
  3. Include in the shipment your complete details. (Name, address, phone)
  4. We will contact you and agree on a price to sell the horn and discuss any repairs which may be required prior to selling the instrument.
  5. After the horn is sold, a check will be sent based on the actual sales price minus the consignment fee.
  6. After 12 months, renegotiation or termination of the consignment.
* repairs beyond easy to reach dents, up to 3 loose solder joints, and severely damaged areas including linkages, valves and slides will be assessed and a separate repair order will be created before entering the instrument into a consigned contract.