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Robert Perlick-Molinari

French Horn Rebellion

French horn is hard to play. Making hot beats is fun. Let's make a band.

Robert Perlick-Molinari is a freelance hornist based in New York City, best known as the horn player in Milwaukee-born, Brooklyn-based, brother-duo French Horn Rebellion. In 2007, while hanging on a heartstring and daydreaming of Beaches and Friends, Robert had been playing French horn in the Chicago Civic Orchestra, got restless and decided to turn his attention to making dance music. After informing his conductor that Mahler isn’t fun anymore, Robert asked his bassoon-toting older brother, David to share this epiphany of self-emancipation. Our sordid tale of French Horn Rebellion’s mission to deliver dance grooves to The Body Electric all over the globe begins here.

Explains Robert, “We were trying to think of a way to engage kids who play in orchestra or band, and say, ‘Hey you guys can have fun too, and this is how you do it.’ That’s when the wheels started turning - we could make music the way we want to make music, and it’s OK.”

These self-proclaimed band geeks gone wild (BGGW) are often Up All Night crafting witty, hook-laden grooves, making reverent noise or Dancing Out on tour with a program of disco-etched lights, hi-octane special guests and a keg full of party-starter anthems. It’s the French Horn Rebellion creed. “Could we be really having This Moment?” The answer is an explosive and resounding “HELL, YEAH!” FHR effortlessly weave between the seams of buzzy indie dance, electro, funk and psychedelia through a visceral new wave, rock and ambitious pop. David and Robert’s sly productions, smart songs and giddy live shows manage to infuse their devoted disciples with a compulsive and joyous energy.

As FHR’s resident pied piper, Robert concedes this bit of affable insight, “I play French horn really, really loud. That’s the number one thing, Live! We’re running around and ripping off Jimi Hendrix solos on French horn. It’s the equivalent of a pizza party in band class with Teddy Riley on the jukebox.”

FHR travelled five continents from Seoul to California in search of the best collaborators and fellow champions of the groove. The group have been fortunate enough to work, play, perform and collaborate with some of the best and most influential artists around. Beyoncé, Sia, MGMT, Of Montreal, Girl Talk, Cut Copy, Yelle, Mystery Skulls, Savoir Adore, Hot Chip, St. Lucia, Jody Watley, The Drums, Two Door Cinema Club, HAERTS, The Knocks, SebastiAn, Autograf, Viceroy, OMD, The Knocks, Ghost Beach, MNDR, and more.

Fuelled by the group’s bounty of wily beats and superbness, French Horn Rebellion’s emotive pop singles, illustrious dance e.p.’s, well-tailored remixes and acclaimed albums “The Infinite Music of French Horn Rebellion” and “Next Jack Swing Pt. 1” have received high praise and acclaim by mass media hubs. Media hubs like The Huffington Post, Billboard, BBC Radio 1, Entertainment Weekly, Jay Z’s Life & Times, Interview Magazine, Spotify, Rolling Stone, VIBE, The Guardian, Bust, Mashable, Thissongissick, NY Daily News, VEVO, Q Magazine and Time Out. Dozens FHR’s self-released singles and mixes storm to the top of the influential Hype Machine chart.

David knowingly states, “A way the world can feel worthwhile is for its individuals to lead the charge. We are all worth the time and energy. This dance party is where we celebrate!”

Robert breaks it down even further, “I equate orchestra players with middle-class workers. You play the music on the page, listen to the conductor and go home. And I think orchestra players aren’t appreciated, much like today’s working man. That’s why it’s a rebellion: Working guys, rebel!”

My Kit


  • Ed Kruspe Custom Nickel Silver Single B flat horn with a tighter wrap and bigger bell
  • Mouthpiece: Laskey 85 GWF (Gold Plated)
  • Fender Guitar Strap
  • Audio Technica System 10 Wireless Lavalier and Reciever (Wireless Mic)
  • Valve Oil: Marvel Mystery Oil + Generic Lamp Oil


  • Yamaha Silent Brass (record direct from mute, or send through floor pedals)


  • Marcus Bonna MB-4 Case

Must Haves

  • A callus on my upper lip to play louder and higher
  • Rock n’ Roll / DIY Mentality
  • A tight backing band
  • At maximum, two beers before a show
  • Bottles of water next to the stage
  • Great lighting

Something Worth Learning

  • A second, third, fourth, or fifth instrument
  • How to compose and record music on a DAW like Ableton, Logic, or Protools
  • How to sing your favorite songs

    Favorite Things

    • Spaghetti and Meatballs
    • Dance Parties
    • Hot Dog & Cold Draught Beer at a Baseball Game
    • Hot Grooves

    Practice Inspiration

    Whenever I practice, I make it a priority to be creating music at all times.

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