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For every repair person in this industry there are multiple methods for doing one job. It is Mr. Bacon's goal, through continued education, training, and innovative ideas, that he chooses the methods that fit each specific need through client consultation, communication, and evaluation as a professional service to the customer.

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General Repairs

The Shop at Siegfried's Call is equipped with some of the best tools of our trade to handle just about every repair needed. Our focus will always be to meet or exceed your expectations. We consult with our customers and explain in as much detail as necessary the process so that any procedure we may implement is understood. This being said, there are some general maintenance, repair, or custom options that we find the most common.  We have compiled a spa like online booking site specifically designed with the idea of clarity and service in mind. You can shop our typical services, or choose to let us determine the best procedures to move forward. We believe that this industry innovative use of booking appointments positions Siegfried's Call as a leader in brass repair. We are dedicated to tackle the continual challenges instrument repairs and maintenance present. Our creative and systematic approach to these challenges proves our passion, and defines our goal. Complete customer satisfaction.

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Maintenance: brass instruments
The best way to avoid major repair work is yearly scheduled maintenance. We encourage our customers to schedule annual instrument cleanings. Our ultrasonic cleaning techniques are powerful, gentle, and safe. It is also environmentally friendly. When you book an appointment for a cleaning, the time you book is the time we work on your instrument. You can choose to hang around and watch, try out some different equipment, practice, study, use our guest Wi-Fi, or explore the many great things our town has to offer.
Usually within 1 1/2 hours to 3 (depending on the intensity of the work) we will have finished your instrument and have you back on the road headed to your next gig. During the instrument cleaning, all attached parts fastened by friction or screw will be disassembled. During this process, we inspect the instrument closely for any signs of loose/popped braces, unusual signs of stress, hidden dents, and things that our trained eyes catch. We will discuss with you anything that we have found and come to agreements about restoration, repair, replacement parts, etc. The ultimate direction to move forward will be your informed choice.
After inspection and disassembling, we will gently polish off oil and corrosion from your inner slides using a crocus cloth. Our method leaves a shiny cross-hatched finish that we find helps hold slide grease well, without losing material to do it. Any extra work agreed to after the initial consultation is now performed.
The instrument is then carefully carted to the ultrasonic tank where it will have a gentle bath in warm water with an Eco-friendly detergent. The valves are treated twice, once in the main tank, and a second time in another more pure solution as a double boiler technique floated at the top of the tank. (no boiling is involved) This process takes about 4 minutes for the corpus, crooks, bell flares, and 8 minutes for the valves. Small parts only require 4 minutes as well.
A gentle snake out of the instrument with warm fresh water from a restaurant quality rinse hose blows out the debris lifted from the ultrasonic process. We are careful not to polish or scratch brush the interior of the instrument, which is a popular technique in many repair shops that we find simply too aggressive and leaves the instrument in a vulnerable position. Our motto here is "less material removal is more". With regard to the high value these instruments command, our policies humbly respect that. The main purpose of the rinse is to clean out with force, while neutralizing the PH of the instrument.
Empty the parts of water, cart it to the bench, gently wipe everything down, and then start re building your precious instrument over our lap and a clean, safe, bright work environment. At this point we check the fit of the valves with fresh oil... make minor adjustments and fine tune the feel to ours... and your... liking. Within 15 to 20 minutes the instrument will be fully assembled again (depending on the intensity) and you will be testing the instrument with us, discussing any observations of key lever height, fit in the hand... or anything else that may feel "different" than before.

5-year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Should there be a problem with any manufactured part, integrity of materials, or function of an instrument, the manufacturers are responsible for part replacement, installation, and shipping costs. Siegfried’s Call is the sole agent representing the Manufacturer’s and acts as the sole liaison between customer and manufacturer. Lacquer, silver- plating, and gold plating are not covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty. Flagrant disregard for proper maintenance of the instrument voids this warranty. Perform regular, scheduled servicing, and use quality oil and cleaning products.

Scott Bacon

It started when he was a teenager. Scott Bacon, owner of Siegfried's Call, played with RC cars. He would build the high performance kit cars and race them at local tracks. The out of box cars were never fast enough, so he customized his cars using high performance upgrades such as oil filled shocks, adjustable spring tensioners, ball bearings, electronics, etc. Little did he know that the skills developed then, working with small parts, would be the foundation for attention to detail and hand work later in life.

After graduating from Boston University with a Master of Music, Mr. Bacon accepted a job to work at Rayburn music in Boston. Here, he worked with many horn players and started to dabble with customizing horns. With the help of a gigging buddy, Sam Minnich, who filled a void in the repair shop of Rayburn Music, the 2 started a project to change a standard Conn 10D and 11D horn into a horn immediately accepted by professionals in the Boston Pops. They named the horn the SB1.

As a growing number of players brought requests to him, Mr. Bacon realized that he needed training in order to better understand the true nature of how horns were built. In the spring of 2003, he left Boston to realize that dream after accepting a job offer from Master Craftsman Dietmar Duerk in Germany. Mr. Bacon worked closely with Herr Duerk whose major duties were to manage the music store, handle repair work, check quality end control of the horn production, final horn assembly, global marketing and sales. During this time, Mr. Bacon learned how tubing was properly drawn, bent, filed, sanded and polished. He fit valves that needed special attention, soldered tubing, removed dents, and worked at some point in every stage of a horn's development. He helped on various occasions with some lathe work, and learned that a great horn maker spends as much time creating his own tools for a job as he does manufacturing an instrument. As the German language strengthened, he realized an original 5 year plan was no longer necessary, and after spending 3 1/2 years with DuerkHorns, decided to move back to New York to start his own company with his wife, Andrea Bacon. October of 2006 Siegfried's Call was born.

Mr. Bacon continues to educate himself with regards to repair and customization. Close relationships with German Master Craftsman, membership in NAPBIRT, attending clinics offered by respected men in our field, and consulting on a regular basis with other repair men of "horn", his dedication to achieving the best possible results for the customer remain in the forefront.

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